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List of NBSN Committees

Parliamentarian –  René Rambo-Rodgers (CA)

Finance Committee - (term will run 2016-2017)

Rose Tapp, Chair (CA)
Joyce Phelps (MI)
Kitty Jackson ()
Joe Washington (MI)

Charge:  The Committee shall develop the operating budget for the upcoming year.  The budge shall be presented to the Board of Directors for approval and then presented to the general body at the annual meeting for acceptance by majority vote.  The committee shall meet prior to the BOD meeting at the annual conference.

Ad Hoc Sub Committee for Budget – purpose, to define guidelines for payment of contingency funds
– (term will run 2016-2017)

Charge:  The Committee shall define guidelines for payment of contingency funds.

René Rambo-Rodgers, Chair (CA)
Tamara Hamilton (NEA)
Ruth Ivory (FL)

Conference Committee

Elvira Smith, Co-Chair (NEA Retired)
Charlyn Sheppard, Co-Chair (KS)
Cheryl McCloud (MD)
Joyce Phelps (MI)
Joe Washington (MI)
René Rambo-Rodgers, Chair (CA)
Marsha Meekins (VA)
Rose Tapp, Liaison to committee (CA)

Brian Todd (CA)
Seth Bramble (CA)

Charge:  The Committee shall plan the annual conference, secure hotel, vendors and presenters.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee - (term will run 2016-2017)

Cheryl McCloud (MD)
Renita Bates (FL)
Rose Tapp (CA)
Dimples Armstrong (CT)

Charge:  The Committee will convene to discuss issues and concerns relating to the NBSN’s Constitution and Bylaws on an as needed basis.  The committee will provide reports to the NBSN President prior to the annual meeting, if necessary.

Elections Committee - (term will run 2016-2017)

Yvonne Williams, Chair (MI)
Dimples Armstrong (CT)
LaTonya Ouhirra (FL)
Alysia Smith (VA)
Marsha Meekins (MD)
Don Lloyd (NC)
Rose Tapp (CA)

Charge:  The Committee shall oversee the election process at the Annual Conference; and to assist the board by conducting elections in a fair and efficient manner, following the NBSN elections procedures.

Membership Committee - (term will run 2016-2017)

LaToya Ouhirra, Co-Chair (FL)
Nas Afi,
Co-Chair (NEA)
Donnie Reeves (MI)
Phadra Williams (NEA)
Marsha Meekins (VA)
Justin Arnold (CA)
Terrance Dozier (VA)
Jocelynne Jones (DE)
Elvira Smith (NEA Retired)
Eva Lopes (VA)
Naila Holmes (VA)

Charge:  The Committee is charged with developing strategies that will help to promote membership and involvement within NBSN.  The Committee shall meet, by conference call a minimum of two times prior to the NBSN Conference.  A report of the suggestions and strategies will be provided to the Network during the annual conference business session.

Awards Committee (term will run 2016-2017)

Joyce Phelps, Chair (MI)
Linda Martin (CA)
Branita Griffin-Henson (NEA)
Jayme Merritt (CA)
Michelle Washington (CA)
Terry Jones (TN)

Tracy-Ann Nelson (GA)
Cheryl Singelton (MI)

Charge:  The Committee shall review, discuss and select the award recipients for the JEGNA and the Sam Ethridge Awards.  The Committee will establish criteria for the selection of the recipients.  A copy of the criteria should be provided to the NBSN President after such has been developed.
Future NBSN Conference Committee (term will run 2016-2017)

Ruth Ivory (FL)
Cheryl McCloud (MD)
Joyce Phelps (MI)

Tyrone Melton (NC)
Joe Washington (MI)
Tim Smith (MI)
Chad Williams (MI)

Charge:  The Committee shall make recommendations to the President of the NBSN about the sponsoring of future NBSN conferences.  The Committee shall discuss the issues; concerns and challenges host states must address in order to sponsor the National Meeting.  The Committee will also develop some baseline standards that shall be in place when offering a particular state as the host site for future NBSN conferences.

Usher Committee – (term will run 2016-2017)

Dimples Armstrong
Tracy-Ann Nelson (GA)
Elvira Smith (NEA Retired)

Charge:  Provide assistance and maintain appropriate decorum during the Inspirational Time.

National Conference Committee – (term will run 2016-2017)

Charge:  Plan the annual conference, secure hotel, vendors and presenters.

Website/Communications Committee – (term will run 2016-2017)

Charge:  Work with the Webmaster on content and keeping the site updated.  Inquiring about various communications to be placed on the Website.




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